Why the world is suddenly talking about 4k projection?

The audio visual world is currently mesmerised by the 4k technology and it does not come as a surprise!

Everyone enjoys the quality presented by full HD resolution; it offers a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. On the other hand, some of the latest 4k offers an incredible resolution count of 3840×2160 pixels or 3996×2160 pixels or 4096×2160 pixels. So, the resolution of this technology is 4 times larger than Full HD resolution. Thus, the leaders of entertainment world decided to use the 4k technology to develop 4k cameras, projectors and TVs.

What does a 4k projector do?

This type of projector works like any other projector, meaning it will project either video or photo and other such content onto a any kind of upside down black space as long as its even and vertical. Compared to one of the best HD projectors, a 4k projection system has a much smoother display, higher frame rates and more saturated colors. Thus, the business world (and in time homes) are planning to switch to this new and improved version.

Benefits of a 4k projection system

Without any doubt there are many benefits that come with a high quality 4k projector. Besides enjoying the highest quality of content, with the help of a 4k projector you also have the option to be benefitted by a wide range of features. Many well known manufactures even claims that viewers will not be able to see individual pixels if they are close to the screen so it will be easier on the viewer eyes. Another positive about a 4k projection system is that they have the ability to project effectively any a screen of any size. Thus, they can be used for any purpose may it be entertainment or official.

The user of a 4k projector will not need more lumens than the traditional XGA or HD projector. Lumens are measured by the output of the projector and in no way will be affected by image resolution. Similarly, the viewer also does not need to buy a new HDMI cables if they decided to purchase a 4k projector. This is because; 1.4 HDMI cables can support 4k content without any kind of difficulty.

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Downside of owing 4k projector

Even though the benefits of a 4k projection system are many, but just like any other technological product, it does have some flaws. This technology is being deployed at shows, live concerts and other high profile events presently. This type of projector is expensive compared to the other kinds of popular projectors that are available in the market today. Through the product lifecycle, and true with any innovative and popular product prices will fall and demand increases.

Is it worth spending so much?

The high price is truly one major factor why many people are not considering a 4k projection system when they are about to buy a projector. But according to the many benefits that it has to provide and the fact that it will not be replaced by any other new technology any time soon, it is definitely a great investment. Just like any other well known projector this one also comes with warranties and guarantees and other such advantages which makes buying such technology a safe purchase. More and more people understand this as some of the major companies in the world of audio and visual display are manufacturing them and hence it’s sudden popularity and demand.

4K Projection Outdoors

The popularity of 4k technology with 4k projectors is growing. However alongside recent engineering developments, projection, the fast growing sector of the audio visual marker, one can now project anywhere. Outdoor projector enclosures have the ability to completely safeguard the projector. Some of the best providers are known for using welded steel sheet to ensure it is safe, strong and long lasting. The housings are vigorously tested and certified as such. These companies even power coat it with external grade paint to brand with your corporate colours and add to it’s durability.

4K most definitely is the future. When to invest is the question on everyones lips.

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