Finding VAT and HMRC Help in the UK

VAT stands for Value Added Tax and is the tax that you are required to pay whenever you purchase products in the UK. It is not included on all products specifically food, clothing, magazines, and newspapers. The current VAT rate is at 20% and can be a bit lower on utilities. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is a department of the government in the UK that is primarily responsible for collecting taxes. There are a number of places where you can receive VAT help and HMRC help which are primarily online.

VAT TAX advice

Find VAT Help

There are several places where you can obtain VAT help online. The government website has several phone numbers listed for their customer service department. You can contact them at these numbers:

0300 200 3700 (telephone)
0300 200 3719 (text)
+44 2920 501 261 (outside of the UK)
You can also contact the VAT Online Helpdesk if you need assistance with technical problems and commonly asked questions. You can also contact customer service via email and regular post. It is recommended that for shorter questions you use e-mail and for longer more in-depth questions you send via postal mail. Especially mail that requires several attachments should be clipped together and sent via postal mail.

HMRC and Tax Help

If you are having trouble filling out tax forms there are various outlets in which to find help. You can contact the customer service department via telephone at 0300 200 3600. Their website has various links in which you click on to find answers to the most common questions regarding tax forms. If you are looking to enroll in HMRC and you require assistance you may contact 0300 200 3701. Their website has an extensive list of various email addresses and phone numbers of the departments you can contact if you have a question that is not listed on their site.

No matter what your questions are regarding VAT and HMRC, there is always a way that you can find an answer. If you require assistance filling out forms or have special needs and require more in-depth assistance there are various numbers you can call for representatives who can assist you thoroughly. Should you require professional and private help consult a Chartered Tax Adviser.

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