Unleash the Power of the World Wide Web in YOUR Organisation

The power of the internet is phenominal. VeriSign reported that at the end of the first quarter of 2015, there were 294 million top level domain (TLD) registrations globally, for a 6.5 percent year-over-year growth rate. compared with 174 million domain names back in in 2008. If you are smart with your internet choices you can reap amazing results. According the BBC, the internet is used by 3.2 billion people. (26 May 2015)

Firstly question what your objective is for having a website. Is it a 24 hour a day shop window designed to increase turnover. Is it an information giving website that will free up your own resources? By this I mean phone calls, postage costs, and all associated costs with delivering company information to clients.

Maybe your objective is to offer premium support to your exisiting customers. Whatever your main objective is, it can form the begninning of an effective and rewarding web marketing plan.

There is more to it. Do you know that internet users are split into 3 sectors when they are using the internet to source products or services? If you are using your website to find new customers, or the unknown market as its known in the advertising world then its crucial to target those searchers who are ready to buy. Sure those browsing can increase visitor numbers but the key to success is finding new paying customers.

Websites can be created that look amazing, but what is often overlooked is that the internal framework, coding, and general foundations are not designed to ensure that the site can be found organically. Sites that perform are crafted with special and specific attention to internal detail.

Templated websites can be inflexible and sometimes impossible to optimise and as a result you make an investment that can never give you a return.

You would not believe the number of companies out there who have a wonderful striking website launched but no analytics. Analytics will allow you to view important data. For example how many visitors you had and when, how long visitors stay on the site for, keywords and route taken to get to your site and top level growth data.

Find a company that produce websites which are produced in such a way that specific Meta Tag and other code can be very specifically populated to be picked up by search engines.

Before you ask a design company to start work,its worthwhile to think about the following. Pages to be included in the website. Number of pages. Images of your own which you will require integrating into the site. Textual content. Any transactional requirements. DO you want a blog, news page, enquiry forms. Will you run a newsletter than people can sign up to. Will you require a login service so that customers can log into a secure area of the site.

Any reputable web design company will guide you through this as part of the design process, but its productive and sometimes less costly to have input from the start.

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