Securicare News – Physical Intervention Training: What is the Role of a PI Trainer?

What EXACTLY is the role of a Physical Intervention Trainer? Securicare discuss the nature and extent of the role?
In answer to the question posed at the start of the course, ‘Why are you here?’ one answer was: ‘To learn the how to do the techniques so we can show others’. This led to an exploration of what was meant by the term to ‘do’. If to ‘do’ was simply to replicate the sequence of moves that constitute a particular technique and then ensure that the next student in the chain is able to reproduce it then then that wasn’t the extent of the role. A true PI trainer has to ensure he or she does much much more.

A P.I. (Physical Intervention) trainer has to ensure the student understands and knows ‘when’ to use the techniques as well as ‘how’. There has been a litany of incidents over the years whereby service users (including vulnerable adults and children) have been needlessly exposed to P.I. techniques/force because the absolute criteria for application have not been fully explo

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