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Primarily Science is an established independent educational consultancy offering a range of services to schools, Initial Teacher Training providers, Clusters, Science Learning Centres and Local Education Authorities.

Eleanor is the newest member of Primarily Science team and has a wealth of experience within primary science education. She taught for 16 years across the full primary age-range in mainstream and ASD/EBD schools. She has worked as a Leading Teacher of Science for Bolton LA, and is experienced in delivering high quality exemplary lessons and workshops in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

In 2015, she was awarded Primary Science Teacher of the year! In 2016, she worked in collaboration with Professor Saiful Islam and the RI to produce a series of primary lessons linked to the 2016 Christmas Lectures broadcast on BBC. Eleanor is currently busy contributing to the latest edition of ASE Guide to Primary Science Education due for publication next year and guiding a Hub of schools through the Primary Science Quality Mark.

As part of Primarily Science I am proud to offer a range of STEM-based CPD for teachers, exciting workshops along with one-off bespoke visits. A flexible approach to suit your timetable and careful liaison ensures a specially tailored day suited to the needs of your children and staff. If no particular theme is desired, I can do my own thing! I have plenty of ideas and engaging activities up my sleeve. The aim, as always with Primarily Science, is to engage children (and those young at heart) with Science and the amazing world around us.”

Here is a small example of what Eleanor can offer your school:

Science Pupil workshopsPromoting active learners with enquiring minds!

These professionally led workshops will provide:

  • Inspiring activities that meet many objectives from the 2014 Curriculum
  • Opportunities to develop pupils’ Thinking Skills so they are able to become independent and reflective learners whilst developing the collaboration skills needed for tomorrow’s world.
  • Clear links to the new Maths and English curriculum

Each workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of individual schools. You can choose from the existing, tried and tested highly successful workshops listed below or work with our consultants to develop a bespoke session specifically for your school.

  • The secrets of our solar system
  • Mad, messy materials
  • Fantastic Forces
  • Curious Creatures
  • Let there be light!
  • Electrifying Energy
  • Rocks & Fossils
  • Is it a liquid, solid or gas?
  • Investigating Evolution

Continuing Professional development

The 2016 HMCI report highlighted the emphasis on Maths and English at KS2 had been to the detriment of the other core and compulsory subject of Science. Sir Michael Wilshaw who carried out this report on behalf of the government, stated that a sharper focus now needs to be placed on science to make sure that children leaving primary school are better prepared to meet the more rigorous academic challenges they will face at secondary school.

With this in mind Primarily Science has a range of CPD sessions to bring your teaching staff up to speed with all aspects of the 2014 Science curriculum. We can offer full days, half days, twilight sessions during your weekly staff meeting and one to one sessions with the subject leader. Here are some of the most popular sessions:

  • Pencil free Assessment
  • Fun ways to record
  • Are you working scientifically?
  • Making effective links between the core subjects
  • A-Z of practical science

In addition to all of this Primarily Science are very proud to announce their very first conference taking place on 7th July 2017 in Crewe. The Really Practical Primary Science Conference promises to be a truly amazing event with over 20 workshops to choose from, key note speakers and visiting guests such as Stuart Naylor (author of Concept Cartoons).

If you have any enquires, questions or would like a bit more information, please contact Eleanor directly: or Telephone: 07956 518776



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