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Physical Interventions: Managing Risks by Mastering Data

The risks posed by rugby are in the headlines at present. A collective of 70 academics and health practitioners have recently called for a ban on full-contact rugby in schools to protect students from the ‘potentially devastating consequences’ of the injures that can arise from participation. But what does this tell us about managing the […]

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Addressing Aggression & Violence: The Need for Good Leadership

While Health and Social Care remains one of the most rewarding careers that anyone can undertake, it is a sad fact that statistics tell us that health care professionals are among those most likely to experience violence and aggression within their working lives. Many commentators have opined that this may be a natural extension of […]

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Preventing Challenging Behaviour: Blackboxing the Data

No-one much cares to admit they work in an industry where ‘adverse’ events occur. Violent incidents or episodes of challenging or disruptive behaviour are just one such manifestation. When it happens within their own organisation there is a tendency for people to want to deny its existence, or brush the fallout under the corporate carpet. […]

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Asbestos Surveys

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Asbestos can be found in any building built before the year 2000 and causes about  5000 deaths every year according to the Health and Safety Executive. The duty to manage asbestos belongs to  those who manage commercial premises. See the table below and click for further information from the asbestos section of HSE. Asbestos must be managed and the […]

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