Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is an approach used to make the organization’s workflow more efficient and more effective. It also helps the organization adapt to the changes that can happen in the environment. It is a means used to improve the performance of a business. A Business Process, on the other hand, is a set of activities that will enable the organization to achieve specific goal. This is an instrument used in the organization of the activities and understanding the interrelationship between them. BPM is founded due to the observation with the products provided by the company in the market is the result of the different activities performed.

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Business Process Management application, for example, can monitor the missing item, or can tell an employee if the order didn’t arrive. This gives an organization the capability on defining, executing, managing and refining processes that involves human interaction, like the placing of orders, work with varied applications, and even handling dynamic changes and process rules.

What is the Goal of BPM?

The most important goal of Business Process Management is to have a better understanding of the operations performed by the company. The clear representation of the processes is the key concept to achieve this improved understanding.

Stakeholders can have an effective and efficient communication if the activities and its relationship with each other are properly identified and have been represented by the use of business process models. Using this business process models can lead to the development of business processes.

Flexibility is another important operational goal of BPM. It will not only support the changing of organizational environment but also facilitates the changes in the software without changing the whole system.

Steps that BPM recognized

  • Analyzing

  • Re-designing

  • Implementing

  • Monitoring

  • Managing

  • Automate

Why is Business Process Management important?

BPM is a great help for every business out there, whether it’s a start-up business or the big ones. Assuring the development and growth of your business can be achieved with its help. It allows a better understanding of the way a work is performed. It identifies the problems that exist with processes. BPM helps the organization by means of:

  • Accelerating of time to the market

  • Making the business processes simpler to make it more effective, efficient and quick

  • Managing the risks and meeting the regulation of compliance

  • Bringing improvements in productivity, quality and cost

  • Transmitting the knowledge to costumer teams needed to ensure that the necessary competences are met.

Nowadays, business environment seemed to show an alarming weakening. There are increased bankruptcy filings, low consumer confidence, high unemployment rate, and slow recovery from recessions. During this instances, more and more businesses are examining the ways on how to gain improvements. There has been an observation that tells of an increased interest of company’s workforce to know the concepts and principles behind BPM.

Business Process Management should not be considered as a one-time exercise but rather a continuous process evaluation and also taking necessary actions so the total flow of the processes will be improved. This will lead on a nonstop cycle of improving and evaluating the organization.

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